EA GROWTH April returns close at +30%, May trading commences


The EA_GROWTH April 2024 returns rises to +30% in the current month . This is a system that operates on MT4. Exceptionally consistent and uses 1:2 r:r. This is the finest forex system for MT4 accounts. Not a scalper so safe to trade on any VPS.

The Live tracking is provided here

The system has been tested on tick data before going live. Check backtesting 

Monthly returns

April 2024 returns hits +30%.

Live account 2 above shows returns as below. This is a lower DD account as compared to the Live account 1. We will be referring to this for returns for April 2024 onwards.

The live account for April 2024 onwards can be viewed here: Live Tracking Account 2


Live account from March 2023 to March 2024, one full year of live account trading is shown below. This account has now been kept for viewing if any one wants to see the trades. It has has traded over 360 days. Max DD seen was a mere +15.5%. Its last reported return for March 2024 was a huge +19% gain. Check March 2023 onwards Live Tracking Account 1

The Latest Trade list

Get PIN from support@nehcap.com

As you can see low DD marks EA_GROWTH,

Our system pricing can be seen here: pricing

This system is also available on profit share : Read profit share for EA_GROWTH

How to Start

Step 1: Please open a MT4 ECN account from any of the below links.

Step 2: Deposit the funds you want to trade.

Step 3: Download the EA from our site. Get the set file via email support@nehcap.com or telegram @mqlnehcap

  • Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap

Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP


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