Fund-1: EA_FIX

EA_FIX is a HFT trading system working on the FIX 4.4 protocol. The system bypasses the MT4 bridge and MT4 completely.This gives it immense power to trade in bank LP pool and reduce delays. The system is very different from normal EA which run on MT4. This is a FIX engine and hence requires clients to have any account at a FIX broker like Pacific Financial Derivative. Read below .
Read about the advantage of a HFT system

Main requirements:

+ Account at FIX based broker like Pacific Financial Derivative. Requires Trade session and Quote session details from the broker. They email this on registration.
+ Leverage 1:50 or above
+ Min capital : $100
+ Free trial available on MT4 to check its efficacy. Take a trial here

Cost of EA_FIX

  • The EA_FIX costs can be available via email
  • EA_FIX is at a 40% discount to existing clients of EA_GROWTH.
  • We advise clients to first purchase EA_GROWTH and then let the system make 30% return min and then use the winnings to subsidize the EA_FIX cost. This way EA_FIX will not be heavy on cost. 
  • EA_GROWTH is powerful EA that can make money to cover the cost of EA_FIX


How to start

Step 1: Please open a FIX based account from below.

Step 2: Deposit the funds you want to trade.

Step 3: Submit your FIX details via email or telegram @mqlnehcap

Step 4: Trading commences after client submits risk parameters like lot sizes and so on.


  • EA_FIX uses advanced FIX concepts like pricing differences between FIX API quotes and MT4 quotes provided by FIX brokers like PFD. The HFT system operates at data hours and thus moves with high precision. The client does not worry about these as only true trades are sent to clients.
  • The system uses advanced FIX concepts in trading HFT on EURUSD,AUDUSD, GBPUSD, USDPY and others
  • Grid/Martingale: No
  • Risk control: Advanced position protection systems, Stops defined by risk per trade parameter.


Backtests = Real 100% ticks with actual commission and actual spreads

The backtests are for period of 01.01.2019 to 31.01.2023. Post that the system runs on the account. They are done on MT4 but as the system is operating on FIX similar results will be seen as FIX does not have slippages which plague MT4 in live accounts


This test has been conducted with a mere $100 in capital. As you can see, over a period of 4 years, it has grown to $177.357k . The max DD seen was 14% while PF was maintained at 1.77. The sharpe ratio is an incredible 8.5x

The test was done with a $6 / lot commission and delays of 100-300 ms dealer delays. These are worse of situation than real world conditions. The tests have been conducted over 3 brokers with each giving better results than above. Based on backtests the EA is now trading on 100k of capital here: LIVE ACCOUNT TRACKING 

Live Myfxbook/FXBLUE

The EA_FIX is running on our live MT4 at two brokers. System is trading over 100k on our live mt4.

Live link

PIN can requested from here: Contact


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How to start

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You can also live chat with us here on telegram : @mqlnehcap