Backtests 100% real tick data : Gold standard of testing

The nehcap EA-FIX has been tested on real ticks with 100% accuracy from 4 different broker ticks including: Rannforex, IC Markets, vantagemarkets and Weltrade. We produce the backtests results below with actual commissions and spreads. We additionally have our live account running with myfxbook links: Get the live link

The backtests are for period of 01.01.2019 to 31.01.2023. Post that the system runs on the account.


This test has been conducted with a mere $100 in capital. As you can see, over a period of 4 years, it has grown to $177.357k . The max DD seen was 14% while PF was maintained at 1.77. The sharpe ratio is an incredible 8.5x

These are stupendous numbers. The test was done with a $6 / lot commission and delays of 100-300 ms dealer delays. These are worse of situation than real world conditions. No one conducts backtest as we do because we have to trade real capital on it. The tests have been conducted over 3 brokers with each giving better results than above.

Based on backtests the EA is now trading on 100k of capital here: /LIVE ACCOUNT TRACKING