Main requirements:

+ VPS with good internet connection.
+ Good ECN broker.
+ Leverage 1:500
+ Min capital : $1000
+ Max DD <25 %
+ Live account-1 : EA_GROWTH Verified Live - 1

Why is EA_GROWTH so special?

The EA_GROWTH runs on the master account of over 200k spread over two different brokers. The system is consistent and one meant for long term. Its very low risk strategy and hence deployed on large capitals. Clients who use EA_GROWTH deploy it on capital sizes well into millions as its low dd. So take the ea only if you are interested in a low risk long term system

Cost of EA_GROWTH 

  • The EA _GROWTH license costs can be checked on pricing page. Includes all upgrades and support
  • Those who trade above 50k EUR have the option of not paying the EA purchase cost but pay a 10% profit share from profits at end of month.

How to start

Step 1: Please open a ECN account from either of the two links :

Step 2: Deposit the recommended capital for EA_GROWTH as shown on this page

Step 3: Inform us via email or telegram @mqlnehcap

Step 4: Trading commences as your MT4 starts to receive our trades via our EA

A relationship

We do not sell just a software but it is a relationship with the fund. We make sure you make returns as much as we make.

Free Download EA

You can download the EA here: Download the EA


The EA Growth uses advanced gap analysis and trend detection algorithms with virtual orderset to understand the direction of the market. This is a new and unique system on the retail fx market. Over 25 fx pairs including Gold and Silver are used. The EA is able to work on trend and counter trend opportunities. The Live account is running on $100k and thus shows our ability to put capital behind our own systems. Advance concepts like Multi Pair Select (MPS) strategy like dual momentum methods are used to switch between large number fx pairs to easily control DD. High impact news is monitored for trend changes and portfolio adjustment.

  • The system uses virtual pending orders.
  • The system s grids and non-grid strategies with Multiple Portfolio Select (MPS strategies like dual momentum). The trades can sometimes in positive floating profits and sometimes float losses. The system is always under tight risk control with over risk cutoff limiting any risk to only 25%. We have never crossed 12% dd in past 2015-2023. At all times, capital at risk will be only 25% thus ensuring full protection. Our own account is set at cut off 25% so that is the ultimate risk. We have never hit 25% neither in backtest nor on live.
  • The system expected return is 5-15% every month on long term average. All months will be positive. Our own account is growing at this rate.
  • The system uses account protection by use of advanced position protection systems where trades causing dd are cut down while letting winners run
  • The timeframes traded are M15, M30, H1,H4,D
  • The system installation and day to day management is taken care of by the trading team. Our systems can be bought off the shelf but it also comes with full 24/7 support.

Live Myfxbook/FXBLUE

The EA_GROWTH is running on our live MT4 at two brokers. System is trading over 100k on our live mt4. We are serious about our systems so believe in trading significant capital.

Live link

PIN can requested from here: Contact

How to start

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You can also live chat with us here on telegram : @mqlnehcap