GoldScalper HFT MT4 EA

GOLD scalper is a HFT trading system working on both the  FIX 4.4 protocol and MT4 terminal. This a NON-GRID scalper system. The system identifies sharp movements in the gold market and is able to enter at fast speed. The system also operates on MT4.

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The system has two components to it:

  1. Identified support and resistance zones trades
  2. Volatility trades

The Gold Scalper HFT system is markedly different from any other EA on the market. This is the only GOLD trading system that works on tight risk control. Every trade is protected with stops that are tight and close. You will set a parameter called "loss per trade". This parameter defines the amount you are willing to lose on a single trade. Many gold trading systems exist with stops as well but those stops are kept wide like 1000s of pips which renders them useless. But the nehcap Gold Scalper HFT operates on loss per trade parameter and hence stops that are defined by risk appetite.

The full back test on 100% tick data from dukascopy with gold standard testing is shown below. As many know the dukascopy tick data is far higher spread tick data which means in real life things will be better as can be seen in our live account running with over 50k in it.

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Main requirements:

  • Full system purchase including install and managing it with all future updates:
      • Contact for latest pricing
  • Good ECN account like Roboforex or Vantagemarkets or Pacific Financial Derivative or Varianse 
  • while not compulsory, we do recommend pure FIX broker who offers ECN MT4. FIX allows the system to bypass MT4 server delays by a few hundred millisecond. Not compulsory but we highly recommend Pacific Financial Derivative    or Varianse as they offer pure grade FIX and ECN MT4 simultaneously.
  • System can work at any ECN broker but the EA cost is for the above 3 brokers. But other broker licenses are available to buy where you can use the EA on any broker of your choice.
  • Leverage 1:50 or above
  • Min capital : $100

How to start

Step 1: Please open a MT4 ECN account from any of the below links.

Step 2: Deposit the funds you want to trade.

Step 3: Download the EA from our site. Get the set file via email or telegram @mqlnehcap


  • Every trade has risk stop which are defined by the "Loss per trade" parameter.
  • Grid/Martingale: No
  • Risk control: Advanced position protection systems, Stops defined by risk per trade parameter.
  • Pairs traded: XAU/USD

Backtests = Real 100% ticks with actual commission and actual spreads

The backtests are for period of 01.01.2018 to 01.09.2023. Post that the system runs on the account. The backtest is not optimised so its a system that is purely defined by rules. The same system when run on out sample data also give similar results and hence is not subject modelling bias. The backtest is done on MT4. But if one has an account at a FIX broker then results will be even better with more trades.

How does one recognize if the backtests are not optimized ?

See how the equity curves has its ups and down? That is a sure sign of a real world system. A managed and highly optimized system will have a smooth curve with no dips. Secondly the system will have similar performance insample and outofsample data as its the case with Gold Scalper.

This test has been conducted with a mere $1000 in capital. As you can see, over a period of 5 years, it has grown to $26,225 . The max DD seen was 16% while PF was maintained at 1.87. The legitimacy of the system is seen by its win ratio at 55% thus not a highly modelled system.

Full details of the Backtests can be seen here:

The test was done with a $6 / lot commission and delays of 100-300 ms dealer delays. These are worse of situation than real world conditions. Based on backtests the EA is now trading on 50k of capital here: LIVE ACCOUNT TRACKING 

Live Myfxbook/FXBLUE

The GOLD Scalper HFT is running on our live MT4. System is trading over 50k on our live mt4.

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