Leading FX managed account

(Hedgefund system, Non-Grid)

8800 5800 /lifetime
This is a phenomenal forex system. Nothing can compare to its profitability. High Frequency Trading is often the forte of banks and hedge funds. Meant for those who appreciate speed of execution. Hedge fund class system. The system runs on FIX 4.4 channel. As system works on FIX-API, we require each client to register on a FIX broker like
Varianse Prime Account
  • Non-GRID, low DD
  • Direct Market Interbank FIX 4.4 channel
  • High profitability
  • All updates free
  • Works with brokers who support high speed scalping
  • High speed scalping
  • 24/7 support on email and telegram
  • Direct access to our IT team
  • We take care of everything including management and installation.
  • Live myfxbook link

(Aggressive Consistent MT4 EA)

5500 /lifetime
GRID based system that aims to make 10-30% a month. System is meant to make money quickly without the risk of blow out. Its a no hassle system. Running live on our account.
  • No other fees
  • Brilliant returns and low DD
  • GRID used
  • All updates free
  • 24/7 support on email and telegram
  • Direct access to our IT team
  • Low cost system
  • Live myfxbook link
  • More details

Gold Scalper HFT/MT4
(Epic Profitability, Non-Grid)

5800 /lifetime
Launched recently. Price to rise later. Book your license now. Gold Scalper is scalper on XAU/USD. This is highly profitable. Continuously trading and will work with brokers who support High frequency scalping. Gold spends a lot of time in closed ranges so this is ideal.
  • Minimum capital >$100
  • Consistent Profitability
  • Non-Grid
  • Scalping at high speed
  • Very Low dd
  • All updates free
  • Master - Live verified 50k account
  • More details