Which are the trading systems that are available for purchase and profit share ?

We have three systems which cater to different trading styles. All trading strategies are running live on our capital

  1. HFT_FIX: This is high quality scalper system running live. Our HFT system operate on FIX channel so you need a broker who offers FIX direct market connections. Read about this system here: HFT_FIX
  2. EA_GOLDSCALPER: This is a SCALPER system working on MT4 of top quality ECN brokers. Learn about it here: EA_GOLDSCALPER
  3. EA_GROWTH: This is aggressive system working on 25 fx pairs but on 2 pairs at a time. It uses GRID with overall portfolio level stop of 25%. Read about this system here: EA_GROWTH

Are EA_FIX, EA_GROWTH and GOLD SCALPER available for purchase ?

Yes. You can check out the pricing.

What kind of account do I need to run systems?

The following brokers are good for our systems.

Is there a profit share scheme where we can share profits rather than purchase?

Yes. Both EA_GROWTH and EA_GOLDSCALPER have 20% profit share scheme. You need to be trading above 40k to share profits. There is a one time registration fee of 1500 eur paid once during initial setup. Post that you can pause and start as many times you wish. The profit share of 20% from profits of each month are to be settled in the first week of the following month. The profit share is on a high water mark basis. Please contact us for setting up profit share scheme.

Are there live accounts using the systems which we can check ?

Yes of course. All systems are trading live. The pin to the links can be obtained by contacting us