HFT_FIX April 2024 April returns cross +17.4%. Fine and stable system over one year in trading


HFT_FIX system remains our most professional system for large accounts. The system operates on FIX channel as it sends high frequency trades which are scalping in nature. Its highly stable system. Get it today.

April returns are at +17.4% as total returns at +292%

Max DD was only 8% back in 2023.

Its an amazing system.

All our systems are firing great guns this year whether it is HFT_FIX or EA_GROWTH or EA_GOLDSCALPER or LatArb

Client trades are adjusted as per account size. A min balance of $100 is all that is needed to run the system. However our average client trades well over 25k. Profits build over time and many have seen their account grow 2x since starting with us.

The Live tracking is provided here Live Tracking.

Buy here and we set it up for you on our co0located servers at LD4 : Pricing

This is a NON-GRID system with clear defined stop losses.

Monthly returns

Low DD and all months positive trading. Live .

The equity curve

The equity curve shows the system loses very little but when it wins, it wins big.

Balance max DD

As seen above max dd was only +8% back in 2023.

HFT_FIX is a system that executes high frequency trades at key data hours.

Our system pricing can be seen here: pricing

Scalping is the ultimate weapon to make millions.

We have launched 3 different systems since last March 2023. Each of the systems are running live with 100k on each of the account. Our investors and clients can totally rely on us to make money knowing the system creators run their capital. Our systems are deeply tested.

How to Start

Step 1: Please open a MT4 ECN account from any of the below links.

Step 2: Deposit the funds you want to trade.

Step 3: Contact us via email support@nehcap.com or telegram @mqlnehcap

  • Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap

  • Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap


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