GoldScalper HFT performance for October


Gold Scalper system is one of a kind HFT system and running on the live account. The Live tracking is provided here
Live Tracking

The system has been tested on tick data before going live.

Check backtesting 


This is a NON-GRID system with clear defined stop losses.

Monthly returns

Equity Returns

The system is powering higher.
No other gold system exists which keeps stops at tight levels with a HFT system driving it.

Our systems

Our system pricing can be seen here: pricing

EA_FIX : Powerful HFT system operational on FIX 4.4 protocol. Brilliant system but requires FIX protocol. This is a NON-GRID with clear defined stop loses. The system is running live for long time live account. You can also acquire the FIX registration by direct registration with a PFD FIX broker here or Varianse Broker

EA_GROWTH: An MT4 system running on our MT4.  Steady return system running for many months on our live account

Gold Scalper HFT: This is a powerful GOLD based HFT system. You can read about it here

This is the system that will change the way you trade for ever when you realise fx trading is about speed. Scalping is the ultimate weapon to make millions.

Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap


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