EA_FIX August returns higher as live account rises to $196,940


The EA_FIX is a HFT system trading on the FIX channel. It is a system par excellence. It operates on FIX 4.4. Bypasses MT4 completely and hence is not exposed to delays and slippages of MT4 broker bridge.

No other trading system on retail market has a FIX trading system which is running on a live account as ours.

The performance of EA_FIX HFT system is detailed here.

The system is up +96.9% return in last 8 months and continues to be the best forex trading system available for purchase and deployment.

This is a NON-GRID system with clear defined stop losses

Monthly returns

The August returns has risen to 4.3%. Overall returns now stand at +96.9%. The live account has risen from $100k to 196.9k.

You can verify the below results in Live Tracking FXBLUE ACCOUNT: LIVE ACCOUNT 100K

The system details can be read on EA_FIX page

Its  HFT system and sends a large number of orders about 20 seconds before data release and any comment released in market. The trades are sent on FIX channel with the broker and it gets in and out. We have two trading systems active on our funds and on clients.

Our systems

We current have two trading systems active on our funds and on clients.

  1. EA_FIX : Powerful HFT system operational on FIX 4.4 protocol. Brilliant system but requires FIX protocol. This is a NON-GRID with clear defined stop loses. The system is running live for long time live account. You can also acquire the FIX registration by direct registration with a PFD FIX broker here or Varianse Broker
  2. EA_GROWTH: An MT4 system running on our MT4.  Steady return system running for many months on our live account

This is the system that will change the way you trade for ever when you realise fx trading is about speed. Scalping is the ultimate weapon to make millions.

Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP 

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap


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