EA_GROWTH August returns rises with solid gains in GBPUSD and EURJPY


EA_GROWTH remains the top rated retail trading robot for fx. The live account has a live history of many months as verified on live myfxbook. Very consistent and meant for stable returns.  Its not a gambling system like many in the market. EA_GROWTH values low risk. The returns come at a low standard deviation and hence a high sharpe ratio.

The performance of EA_GROWTH is detailed here.

You can verify the below results in Live Tracking FXBLUE ACCOUNT: LIVE ACCOUNT 100K

The EA_GROWTH runs on live account at master.


Monthly returns 

You can start the system on your account by simply having an account at below broker. The EA license fee gives you fill access to all 25 pairs being traded and also upto date support at any time. Get it now by starting a broker account at either of these two brokers.

VantageMarkets New MT4 account 

or at RoboForex ECN MT4 


Our systems

We current have two trading systems active on our funds and on clients.

  1. EA_FIX : Powerful HFT system operational on FIX 4.4 protocol. Brilliant system but requires FIX protocol. The system is running live for long time live account. You can also acquire the FIX registration by direct registration with a PFD FIX broker here or Varianse Broker
  2. EA_GROWTH: An MT4 system running on our MT4.  Steady return system running for many months on our live account

Chat with us at telegram : Join the NEHCAP GROUP 

To purchase: Contact us via email or telegram : @mqlnehcap



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